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L'EMISSION DES MUSIQUES INVENTUREUSES : RIO, avant pop/jazz/folk, impro, électronique, acousmatique, classique/contemporain, phonographie, musique de films et autres curiosités sonores.

>>>>> Tous les mardi sur RCV Lille Vauban, 99.FM, de 19h30 à 20h30.

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22/12/15 :

Special Christmas !! (?)

Tabea Blumenschein, Frieder Butzmann, Gudrun Gut & Bettina Köster : White Christmas (s/t, Marat Records, 1980)
John Oswald : Bell Speeds (Discosphere, ReR Megacorp, 1991)
John Zorn : The Christmas Song (A dreamers Christmas, Tzadik, 2011)
Les Granules : Papa Sapin-Rouge (Ambiances Magnétiques, 1992)
Jehan Alain : Kyrie (Messe modale AWV 110, Eternité, Gallo, 19??)
A.S.M.Z. : 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed (He Has Left Us Alone Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms..., Constellation, 2000)
Kiki & Nini : All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
Mike Cooper & Cyril Lefebvre : Meet me in Hawaï for Christmas (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
The Melody Four : Silent Melody (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
Yves Robert : Mon beau sapin (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
British Summer Time Ends : I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus  (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
Lol Coxhill : Romulus and Cumulus / The Christmas song  (Joyeux Noël /Merry Christmas, Nato, 1987)
15/12/15 :

Joe Meek & The Blue Men : I hear a new world (s/t -An Outer Space Music Fantasy-, RPM records, reissue, 1991)
Happy Family : Doggy-Human Contest (Minimal Dogs, Cuneiform Records, 2015)
Aquaserge : La ligue anti-jazz rock (Tout arrive, Chambre404, 2014)
Aquaserge : Vers Le Néant (Ce Très Cher Serge, Spécial Origines, Gazul records, 2010)
Falter Bramnk : Extrême Onction (Vagal, Gazul records, 2015)
Kalahari Surfers : Europeans (Living in the heart of the beast, Recommend Records, 1985)
Kalahari Surfers : Free State (Own Affairs, Gross National Products, 1984)
Kalahari Surfers : Gutted With The Glory (Bigger than Jesus, ReR Megacorp, 1990)
Robert Jarvis : Liquid ; Tectonic (Magic Stones, Motile, 2006)
08/12/15 :

Falter Bramnk : Abschaum ; Time Factor [tic-tac intime] (Vagal, Gazul records, 2015)
Kate Moore : Fatal Stranger (from project Electr.art., 2011)
Gino Robair : The hall of comparative ovations ; Proclaimation ; Joshua Norton enters into heaven (I Norton, an Opera in real time, Rastacan, 2009)
MaTwo : L'Absence (L'odeur de la Terre chaude, self-released, 2015)
01/12/15 :

Coolhaven : Drei Käse Hoch ; Mustang Sally ; Kind Von Traurigkeit  (Stromblocque Phantasien, Tp6, 2006)
Lotte Lenya : Seeräuber-Jenny (Lotte Lenya singt Kurt Weill, Philips, 19??)
NichelOdeon : Johnny dei pirati (Bath Salts, Lizard, 2013)
Stepmother : Great trading days (Calvary greetings, Megaphon / Knock'em dead records, 2014)
Robert Jarvis : Disappear (Magic Stones, Motile, 2006)
Lucas Santtana : Hold me in (Sem Nostalgia, Mais um Discos, 2011)